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<-- To the left, you'll find a professional development conversation with UT ID&T graduate students. 
To the right, you'll find up-to-date conversations & teaching resources to engage students in civics, 21st Century Skills, and interactive lessons.-->
Below, you'll find resources organized as to how you might use them in education, as well as usability, hardware, and conference links.
And, last but not least, at the very bottom, you'll find all my current conversations happening with research and technology in education! 
Enjoy and let me know how this page works for you and how you apply these technologies!

Begin by Organizing your “Dashboard to the Future” with tools like these:

Follow: Keep Up with Technology Learning Community FB page


Collaborate with Me! 
Portals to Store Information/Collaborate
Virtual World
Tools to Create


Ovoo (Telephony)

Skype (Telephony)

Collaborate (Present Live!)

We Follow-to stay current! or

Listorious - Collaborate with Journalists!

Free VPN for the Tech Savy!

Snopes-Is it True?

Diigo Social Bookmarking collaborative tool

Classroom Management System using Behaviorism, Social Constructivism & Connectivism! Class DoJo (student recommended)**

Wiki (Content)

LMS-Moodle (Virtual Classroom)

Adobe Connect

Google Docs

Dropbox for Storage!

Windows Live

Free Smilebox

Photo Show with Animoto!

Flickr (Photos)


Use software and files from any desktop:

Apps for Mobile Devices
·        Chegg app:
Download Chegg's Flash Card app to a mobile device
Login to Chegg.
You can share and create flash card decks! 

App or Webbased
·        Study Blue!  Sample

Webbased Flash Cards
·        Quizlet pronounces the verbally words for students! Sample 
· imports from Google drive! Sample 

·        Flashcard, fairly simple: Sample
Why Social Media?




Social Bookmarking


Convert Media and/or Run Apps Anywhere

Download Multiple Docs with Flashgot

Handbrake-Convert a video to MP4

Free Downloads

Educational Games 

Human Rights

Second Life

Field Trip to the Louvre

Google Earth

Convert PDFs

Record Screen Capture for Free-

Screencast with Jing!

Camstudio-Streaming Video!

Windows MovieMaker

WeVideo-Video-ISTE-2014 Editing Platform

Pixorial-Edit Videos


FlashCard Machine

Create Mobile Apps!


Digital Storytelling

Articles/Links to Support Tech in Ed
Active Learning Content to Engage Students (freeware)!
entrsekt— "ISTE’s new thought leadership magazine for the modern-day educator"**

EdTekHub — "your first stop for ed tech articles, blog posts, videos and more."

Learning series, "focusing on topics such as transformational change and computational thinking."**

Open Source Resources

Articles about Emerging Technologies

Video Links Vodcasts/Podcasts

Videos and TV Shows


Use Youtube!

21st Century Skills

Learn How to Code!

Practical Literacy Skills for Adults

Critical Thinking 2

Life Applications

Games for Change

Social Skills: This is a demo where you can pick any of the 30 game scenes and play them in the order that you (or your students) wish. Do NOT start with scene number 1 under the owl (upper left) as it is actually the hardest scene in the game.

Lang: Life Choices-Request from Dr. Ensmann

Sci: Prepare for Hurricane--Request from Suzanne Ensmann

Sci/Math: Olympic Lessons

SS: Civil Rights-Request from Suzanne Ensmann

SS & LA: iCivics**

SS: Games for Social Change


Learning Object (Lesson) Repositories

Ensmann Designed Lesson Samples

GED/AGE Play to Learn

Games for Learning

Games and Simulations

Basic Education Lessons

Share My Lessons

Lesson Flows-CommonSenseMedia

Create Math! GeoGebra

Ted Education Lessons

(Games too!)

Game & More-Wisc-Online!**

Lesson Plans

Educational Simulations (AKA: Games)-Free Rice**

Open Educational Resources Commons 

About Creative Commons Licensing

Project Aids

Productivity Corner
Electronic Books
English for Business OpenSource Book

iBooks to teach Digital Citizenship

(with activities, audio, and video!)

Read Along Stories-for the young student

Alaska News

What's your story?**

Make a Story-for the young student

Digital Book Trailers

Subject Lessons

Chemistry Game App

Lit: Cast a Movie!-Xtranormal

Sci: Animals-National Geograph.

SS: Data-Map the World!**

SS: USA Geography Lessons

SS: Geography States Puzzle**

SS: Geography-Countries

SS: The Mayflower-History Chan.

SS: PowerPoint Lessons!

ABE Lessons

ACT Prep

Subject Directories

Math with Code!

HippoCampus-Lessons (HS too!)**

Collaborate Lessons-Live Virtual & Recorded Lessons

Literacy/Grammar Lessons**

Grammar Lessons

Awesome Math Lessons**

Find Youth Info (Example: Anti-Bullying)

Use Cell Phones-SMS!


Info Please

Math - Q&A Tutorials

Word Lists (ABE 1-4, AHS/GED, FCAT 3-10)

Knowledgeable Search Engines:

Make Long URLs Short!TinyUrl.comTinyIt.comDon't lose your passwords! MacFriendlyPasswords

Operating System Freeware:Linux


Software/Hardware (not ALL our free)

Assistive Technologies




Pacer Spacer for

the non-hearing







Is Your Site Compliant?

Check it out!


ADHD Technology

Hardware, Funding & ConferencesWhat’s Inside a Computer?

Computer Parts

Backup EVERY-THING!Mimio for ClassroomBright Link Projector



Ethics & Classroom Management

Protect You!
Protect Students!



Protect Students! Profile


Copyright Lesson-Fairy Use Tale

Copyright Presentation

Citations Made Easy!

Fair Use Policy
Classroom Management

Evaluate Web Sources

Web Literacy



Read URL,

Examine Content

About Author

Learn Anything?
Who's Who on the Web

Google Scholar**

Take Me Back on the Web -WayBack MachineMyth Busters-SNOPES

Stay Connected to Stay Current!

This website consists of shareware links created by educators from across the globe (and endorsed by many of my students who have discovered them!) and is meant for educational purposes only.

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